Behind Every Great Man… A Review of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama


My mother and I do not usually read the same kinds of books – I read novels, she reads non-fiction and books on Christian spirituality. Every now and then, one of us will hand the other a book that has really inspired us, but rarely do we find that the same things capture our attention. Last year, she asked for a copy of Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming for Christmas. As soon as she finished reading it, she started telling me that I needed to read it, too. I delayed, and her copy of the book was passed around to a couple of her sisters and some of my cousins before making its way back to me. “She reminds me of you,” my mom said. (Being the encouraging and loving mom that she is, she has a slightly unrealistic idea of how high-achieving I actually am!) I was not completely enthusiastic; although there are many social and political issues that I care about, I do not like following politicians’ lives or personalities like celebrities. It turns out, neither does Michelle Obama. In reading Becoming, I found that there were many things about her that surprised me. Most surprising of all, was that I found that I admired her very much, despite my initial reluctance to read the book. Continue reading “Behind Every Great Man… A Review of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama”