Two Different Cheddar Scones for Autumn

It is rare that I get into a baking mood: usually, if I want to spend time in the kitchen, I would prefer to be making something hearty for dinner.  Last Sunday however, the bright autumn leaves gave me the urge to bake something full of apples. I picked a sweet apple-cheddar scone and then for good measure a savory cheddar jalapeño scone, as well. I shared them with my bar trivia team (and the bartender, and some people on other teams, as well) and everyone had compliments to give. Today, there is a thick covering of snow and it is continuing to fall fast, but the season is still technically autumn, so I’m happy to share these two recipes! Continue reading “Two Different Cheddar Scones for Autumn”

Quick and Easy Zucchini Soup With a Side of Corn Fritters

This is the time of year in the midwest when everyone with a garden is starting to give away zucchini because their plant is producing so many you can’t possibly use them all up – even with a kitchen constantly churning out zucchini bread, zucchini noodles (I just fell in love with these in the past year!), ratatouille… you name it. Oh, unless it’s my garden we’re talking about, which so far has only produced a handful of tomatoes that refuse to ripen. Luckily, zucchini and corn are still easy to find, because I always crave it when it gets hot outside and the cicadas start to sing.

The soup recipe I love because it is incredibly quick and easy to make. Although very good, it’s flavor is a little one-note, so I feel it needs a strong side – I like making corn fritters to go with it. Continue reading “Quick and Easy Zucchini Soup With a Side of Corn Fritters”

Slow Cooked Chicken and Tomatillos

This recipe comes from a flyer stuck inside a CSA box that one of my neighbors gave to my mom years and years ago. It’s one that I frequently use when having guests over for dinner because it’s unique, easy, and – most importantly – absolutely delicious.

The flyer credits the cookbook “Mexican Every Day” by Rick Bayless as the source. Let me just say, this is NOT American-style Mexican food covered with taco seasoning and lots of cheese (not that I don’t love lots of cheese!) It has a tangy flavor balanced by earthy potatoes; the chicken is always, always juicy and falls apart under your fork in just the way you want it to do.

Continue reading “Slow Cooked Chicken and Tomatillos”