Halloween Reads: IT by Stephen King


I have never been a fan of scary movies or books. The one and only time I read a Goosebumps book while growing up, I was too scared to move from the couch where I sat to read it and couldn’t sleep all night. My poor tolerance for horror and suspense has been a source of distress for me over the years since Joe is a huge horror buff. When we were first dating, he convinced me to watch “Insidious” with him – although I was 21 years old and living with roommates, I slept with the light on in my bedroom for a full week. Because I was a poor graduate student, the next year for his birthday my gift was five “coupons” to watch a scary movie with him. Over the following months, I was tortured by what seemed to be an unending string of suspense and horror films. Eight years later, I am *slightly* more tolerant of horror films, although it still requires cajoling on Joe’s part to get me to agree to watch one.

Joe is a fan of Stephen King – especially IT, which he read in middle school – and even had a group of friends affectionately called the Losers’ Club, after the characters in IT. This past summer, he asked me to read IT in preparation for going to see the film with him for his birthday. Although I was hesitant to jump right into another thousand-plus page book right after Les Miserables, I sat down on my porch one evening and cracked the book open to read. Continue reading “Halloween Reads: IT by Stephen King”