Marie Cooks Skyrim: “Snowberry Crostata”

One of the challenging things about trying to cook some of the food items from Skyrim is that, well, some of them don’t actually exist. For example, the snowberries. Real snowberries are poisonous, and don’t actually look anything like the bright red berries in the north of Skyrim. Cranberries, however, do bear a resemblance. As I was flipping through cookbooks the other day, I saw a recipe for a cherry and almond galette and thought that was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to try to adapt as a “Snowberry Crostata.” I found a bunch of recipes that looked promising, took the crust from one, the frangipane from another, and improvised a cranberry filling based on one or two more. The result smelled perfectly autumnal (cranberries were easy to find, given that Thanksgiving is coming up!), and tasted tart – similar to a rhubarb pie. Also, now that I have tasted frangipane and know how simple it is to make, I have a feeling I am going to try to find plenty of excuses to use it in recipes going forward!

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Lord of the Rings Marathon Part 1 – Honey Cakes and Seed Cake

It is no secret to anyone who knows me even a little that I am a huge Tolkien fan. My love started with the animated Rankin-Bass Hobbit and Return of the King when I was very young and with my dad, sitting on the couch with my sister and me on either side as he read The Hobbit aloud to us. I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time when I was 11 (which took me the better part of a year, at that time!) and The Silmarillion at 12 (I didn’t  understand it much then, but I have re-read it a handful of times since, and each time I love it more.)

I’m enough of a nerd (yes *that* kind) that if you get me started, I’ll tell you, in detail, all the things Peter Jackson’s movies did wrong and how he should have corrected them. However, I still enjoy the movies from time to time. Twice I have hosted a party for my friends to come and watch all three extended edition films and provided six Hobbit meals throughout the day. It is a lot of fun – even if it is a lot of work for me! Continue reading “Lord of the Rings Marathon Part 1 – Honey Cakes and Seed Cake”